Corporate Profile

About Us

Founded in the year 1999. CCECC Singapore Pte Ltd has developed into a medium local construction company through decades of hard work. A grade A2 contractor registered under the Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority Contractors Registry System work head CW02 (Civil Engineering) and a grade B2 contractor under CW01 (General Building). CCECC Singapore Pte Ltd is both a Class 1 General Builder and Special Builder under the Builders License and Structure Steel Works License respectively. In 2012, CCECC Singapore Pte Ltd was awarded the Greenmark Platinum by BCA, and the company was awarded the ASAC Safety & Health award in 2015 by LTA.

Government agencies such as LTA, HDB, JTC, PUB, TP Utility, BCA and more form the bulk of our client base.

We commit ourselves to our customers that we will always provide our best service to them.

Our Company Motto

Committed to our customers and projects, CCECC Singapore Pte Ltd strives to provide satisfactory services to our clients.






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